Exercise Rapid Trident in Moldova

Rapid Trident 23 exercise logo, generic
Rapid Trident 23 exercise logo, generic. Photo by Susanne Goebel

U.S. Army Europe and Africa’s V Corps, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova, and the Romanian Armed Forces began Exercise Rapid Trident on Sept. 10 in Moldova; it is scheduled to continue through Sept. 22.

Rapid Trident is designed to enhance our partnerships with the Republic of Moldova and Romania by increasing interoperability and readiness through training in peacekeeping and stability operations.

“Rapid Trident is about interoperability,” said U.S. Army Col. Martin L. O’Donnell, U.S. Army Europe and Africa spokesperson. “About improving our ability to work with one another, and about strengthening decades-old relationships.”

A rotational force made up of approximately 80 U.S. service members from 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division assigned to the 10th Mountain Division, the 4th Security Force Assistance Brigade, and the North Carolina National Guard will train alongside 200 Moldovan service members and 25 Romanian soldiers.

As part of the Department of Defense’s State Partnership Program, the North Carolina National Guard has had a state partnership with Moldova since 1999.

Exercise activities include interoperability training focused on peacekeeping, medical treatment and evacuation, Unmanned Aircraft System operations, and homeland and territorial defense operations. Rapid Trident also includes exercise Fire Shield, a linked exercise with the North Carolina National Guard which includes a live-fire field training exercise and situational training exercises.

Military exercises like Rapid Trident are planned months in advance, and participating nations or the number of participants may change for various reasons with little to no notice.

For more information, contact U.S. Army Europe and Africa Public Affairs at media@army.mil or visit https://www.dvidshub.net/feature/RapidTrident.

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