Border traffic of Romania with Ukraine

On 20.03.2022, within a 24 hour interval, at national level, through the border points 59,642 people entered Romania, out of which 9,582 Ukrainian citizens (decreasing by 10,4% compared to the previous day).

On the border with Ukraine, 4,986 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania (decreasing  7,4%), and on the border with the Republic of Moldova, 3,246 Ukrainian citizens entered (decreasing 9,5%).

Since the beginning of this crisis, until March 20, 2022, at 24.00500,747 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania.

Currently, the border control at the entrance to Romania through the border crossing points is carried out with efficiency, in accordance with the provisions of the national and community legislation, the control arteries being covered with Romanian border guards up to maximum capacity.

Similar measures to strengthen control and increased surveillance have been put in place at the land border, supplementing crews conducting missions in areas of responsibility. We are acting in an integrated system with the other institutions with responsibilities in the field, to accomplish an operational exchange of data and information, as well as the joint adoption of the necessary measures for the management of cases.

We ask citizens to be informed only from official sources.

Source: The Romanian Border Police

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